Kids Corner

Fun Facts About Reading

  • Reading 20 mins. a day will help with fluency
  • Reading is the fastest way to help build your vocabulary
  • Reading helps give you a better understanding of the world and other cultures
  • Reading can help you explore the world around you and much more


  • Create a reading space in your house, outside, or where ever you feel is comfortable. Make sure you have your pillows, bean bags, blankets, and your favorite books. Invite your parents for a 20 min. reading time. (You can even act out the characters in the book)
  • Saturday mornings create your own book so that you can present to your family during story time. Make sure you don't forget to add your beautiful and colorful drawings.
  • Word Hunt Around The House
    • Hide the words around the house on flash cards. You will need two sets, one set for hiding and the second set for your child to use to match up the hidden flash cards. Once they have found all of the words have him or her to write a sentence using the words they found! Good luck hunting!
  • Let your kids read to you for 20 mins. a day! Make sure you pick a book at their appropriate reading level.

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