about Sherina

Sherina Watkins was born in Decatur, Ga and was raised in Conyers, Ga. She was inspired by many cultural differences she was introduced to at an early age. Sherina loved to explore life through music and writing. In school she always tapped into her creative thoughts and uniquely put them into her writing.

Since the fifth grade, she has won many awards for her essays and poetry. Sherina has always carried love in her heart for children, and wanted to share her love through writing.

After graduating from Strayer University with her degree in business administration, she decided to make her dreams come true and write her very first children's book in 2018.

Her inspiration comes from her two young children and her experiences in life. She is not only an author but she is a strong positive force in shaping the lives of young people today. Sherina encourages them to learn how to explore life through reading.

Also, she has volunteered her time to many different organizations over the years to help motivate and inspire children. Sherina's main focus is to continue pouring love and positive energy into every child she connects with through her love of writing.